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DynaPulse Pathway Non-invasive Blood pressure and Hemodynamic Profile Measurement

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From DynaPulse Users, Clinicians, and Researchers

Dr. Delgado - Summary of his experiences and studies with DynaPulse and Red Blood Cell Potassium (RBC-K) Physiology in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Dr. Delgado - Almeida of the University of Carabobo Medical School, Venezuela

Dr. Peixoto of Yale University, Connecticut

Dr. Mark Hyman of Los Angeles, California

Dr. Gutkin of Livingston, New Jersey

Dr. John Kyriazis, et. al.-Letter to Oxford Journals (2001) 16:1087-88

Professor Bill G. Felkey of Auburn University, Alabama

Bill Moore, DynaPulse user since 2001