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DynaPulse Analysis Services for Researchers

Through its Internet-powered DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC), Pulse Metric provides researchers with automated computer analysis and trending of cardiovascular performance data acquired by DynaPulse non-invasive blood pressure monitors in physicians' offices, hospitals and patients' homes. Within a minute of a clinician transmitting blood pressure data to the DynaPulse web site, proprietary algorithms automatically compute and display 16 hemodynamic values, including cardiac output, arterial compliance/distensibility, left ventricular contractility and systemic vascular resistance. The subscription-based service requires a DynaPulse blood pressure monitor and Web-enabled computer.

DAC hemodynamic services can be set up to allow researchers to upload patient/subject DynaPulse measurements collected at the lab or clinic, to the DAC for hemodynamic analysis. Alternatively, with a DynaPulse 200M Home monitor and an internet ready PC, patients or study subjects can record DynaPulse measurements and upload data to the DAC remotely from home. the DynaPulse hemodynamic reports would then be made available to the researchers only.
Contact DAC Services for the details of available programs.

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