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Pharmacists use the DynaPulse Pathway System, Wireless Bluetooth 200M Clinical, and DynaPulse 200M Clinical System to collect blood pressure data on their patients. The DynaPulse Pathway System tracks an unlimited number of patients, providing clinically accurate systolic, diastolic, and mean blood pressure readings, plus heart rate measurements. A choice of outcome reports can be easily printed for the patient. Currently, over 1200 pharmacies use the DynaPulse system.

DynaPulse 5200A/Pathway
Overview of Pulse Dynamic Technology
Clinical Research Information
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DAC Partner Opportunity

Looking for a creative and advanced business opportunity? Check out our new DAC Partner programs. DynaPulse online non-invasive hemodynamic profiling, provided by the DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC), is an easy to use, cost effective service, offering essential clinical value to your customers.

References to DAC Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Profiling:

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Summary of DynaPulse Clinical Studies
Managing Hypertension with Hemodynamic Profiles
DynaPulse Central Aortic Blood Pressure
CT Scan Screening & DynaPulse CV Hemodynamic Profiling
Normal BP & Hemodynamics: Our Goal in Cardiovascular Medicine
DynaPulse Korotkoff sounds (K1, K4 & K5) equivalent BP
JNC 7 Guidelines with DynaPulse BP

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To help customers find your pharmacy store for DynaPulse blood pressure monitoring services.