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Pulse Metric Joins with University of California, San Diego, to Test Clinical Value of Non-invasive DynaPulse Technology for Monitoring Heart Failure Patients

SAN DIEGO, CA. – – Pulse Metric, Inc., today announced the initiation of a research program with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center to evaluate how well the company’s Internet-powered DynaPulse waveform analysis system can help physicians improve their monitoring and treatment of heart failure patients.

Manufactured by Pulse Metric, DynaPulse monitors use a simple upper-arm cuff to record arterial pressure waveforms at the same time they measure blood pressure. Once transmitted through a Web-enabled computer to the company’s secured Web site, waveforms are analyzed within a minute of taking the blood pressure measurement providing additional information about the heart’s pumping action and blood vessel flexibility. Physicians may then access over the Internet this “snapshot” of the patient’s hemodynamic status, including the volume of blood pumped per minute and per beat, the strength of each contraction, and the degree of blood vessel resistance and elasticity.

The UCSD study is designed to determine how extensively these non-invasive measurements can help physicians detect and predict changes in the clinical status of heart failure patients, before they manifest as physical symptoms. Investigators will examine:

  • whether DynaPulse offers information that can improve physicians’ ability to monitor the effects of drug therapies in the home setting for better results;
  • its ability to help physicians predict which patients will improve, worsen or remain stable after release from the hospital; and
  • the feasibility of patients measuring their own blood pressure and routinely transmitting waveforms for analysis from their home computers.
  • During the study, which is expected to last six to 12 months, UCSD investigators will obtain arterial blood pressure measurements and waveform analysis reports, including cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance, arterial compliance, and left ventricular contractility, from up to 350 heart failure patients. Nurses will collect measurements in the heart failure clinic and in patients’ homes. As the study progresses, some heart failure patients will be given monitors to take their own measurements at home and transmit them over the Internet to study researchers.

    ;“The beginning of this trial is a crucial milestone as Pulse Metric continues to develop and apply its innovative tools to improve the quality of care for heart failure patients,” says Allen Ruszkowski, Pulse Metric’s senior vice president. “With the startling rate at which heart failure is growing--more than 400,000 cases are reported each year-- it is essential that healthcare institutions and technology organizations combine their efforts to find cost-effective solutions. The development of this remote monitoring system has the potential to benefit millions whose quality of life depends on frequent and accurate cardiac assessments.”

    Barry Greenberg, M.D., a UCSD researcher and director of the heart failure program, added, “We will be looking at how these measurements can help us initiate changes in therapy before the patient shows outward signs of decompensation. If successful, a system like this could help reduce hospital admissions and emergency department visits.”

    This research venture is an important step in Pulse Metric’s plan to develop an Internet-based cardiovascular monitoring system that would link patients at home to their physicians through a secured Web site.

    Founded in 1990, Pulse Metric owns seven patents that support its proprietary technology. Since 1994, researchers worldwide have used DynaPulse monitors and the company’s DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC) to measure and analyze arterial pressure waveforms to support extensive clinical research on aspects of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Pulse Metric’s affiliated researchers have produced more than 30 papers and articles.

    The San Diego-based company is committed to the widespread clinical application of its easy-to-use cardiovascular monitors and proprietary waveform analysis methods to advance the treatment and management of heart failure and related cardiovascular diseases.

    **** PMI 122100 ****

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    New official China patent #125,783 received today! Come visit our AHA booth #1265, November 9-11 in Orlando, Florida, for a demo.

    Invitation, to our AHA booth #1265, Nov. 9-11, Orlando, Florida, from Dr. Shiu-Shin Chio, Inventor of DynaPulse, and Chairman & Founder of Pulse Metric, Inc.

    The American Society of Nephrology accepted two papers utilizing our Dynapulse 500G units and our Dynapulse Analysis Center (DAC) for their 36th annual meeting.

    Notice from China patent office to grant the patent rights on DynaPulse received.

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    US patent, RE38,159 E, "Non-invasive Method and Apparatus for Diagnosing and Monitoring Aortic Valve Abnormalities, such as Aortic Regurgitation" has been issued on June 24, 2003.

    Reimbursement Codes for DynaPulse technology.

    “Non-invasive measures of distensibility are useful in measuring subclinical vascular changes related to arteriosclerosis” (AJH May 2003 paper - MJ Budoff, MD)

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    DynaPulse monitoring could be a valuable method to optimize bi-ventricular pacemaker settings (Response to NASPE May 2003 Meeting - SS Chio)

    A new US patent, #6,540,687: “Method for Diagnosing, Monitoring and Treating Hypertension and Other Cardiac Problems” was granted – SS Chio

    Pulse Metric, Inc. is supporting worldwide clinical research to fight against hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases – the “WHATOHL” Study

    PMI is moving!

    Our new address, effective April 25, 2003, will be:

    Pulse Metric, Inc.
    11526 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite C
    San Diego, CA 92121

    Our DynaPulse Analysis Center will be temporarily unavailable on April 24 and 25.

    New DynaPulse products, helps doctors with the management of hypertension and cardiac patients by making possible home monitoring.

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    BOGALUSA Heart Study published the 4-year cohort study using DynaPulse to measure artery stiffness (distensibility)

    University Hospitals of Cleveland Finds Significant Benefits of Noninvasive DynaPulse Home-Hemodynamic Monitoring Technology in Pilot Implementation

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    Pulse Metric Scientists Present Research Findings at Heart Failure Society of America Meeting

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    Pulse Metric Introduces DynaPulse Pathway Hemodynamic Monitoring Device

    Pulse Metric Scientists to Participate in 1st International Symposium On Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring

    University of California at San Diego Clinical Studies Quantify Accuracy of Noninvasive DynaPulse Hemodynamic Monitoring Technology

    New DynaPulse Internet Education Program. Click on the following link to view the PDF file.

    Pulse Metric Joins with University of California, San Diego, to Test Clinical Value of Non-invasive DynaPulse Technology for Monitoring Heart Failure Patients

    New versions of the DynaPulse software are now available!
    If you own the DynaPulse 200M Home Monitor for Windows™ 95,98,2000 Pro and ME, please download the latest release (version 3.81.1).


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    Two scientific papers published in Blood Pressure Monitoring, Volume 3, No.2:

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