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Set Up Notes

Below are some notes that should help you during the DynaPulse installation process.

IBM and IBM Compatible Computers

CMOS setup

Pressing the Delete key or F2 key( HP PC) will allow you to enter into the CMOS setup program. For PC's with built-in Serial Ports, make sure that COM1 and/or COM2 ports are enabled if you are planning to use one of them for DP-200M or DP-5000A. If a DP-2000A is set at either COM1 or COM2, you may have a to disable the PC internal built-in serial port. The standard address settings for COM1 or COM2 are:

COM1: 03F8H/IRQ=4
COM2: 02F8H/IRQ=3

Operation System (OS)


Check VERSION # by type "VER" then press "Enter". DynaPulse will work with DOS/VER 3.1 or above.

Windows 3.0/3.1

16 Bit Operation with DOS, works with DYNAPULSE/VER.2&3 16 Bit software.

Windows 95/98

16 & 32 Bit Operation, DYNAPULSE/VER.2&3 works only in 16 Bit Mode.


DynaPulse does not support network systems, such as Novel.

Memory (RAM) & Optimization

To check system memory and settings type "MEM" then "Enter" at DOS prompt. DynaPulse requires minimum of 500K bytes executable memory to function properly. For DOS/Ver.6 system (include WINDOWS 3.1), you may run "MEMMAKER" in DOS to optimize the memory arrangement. WINDOWS95 will optimize memory automatically.

System Configuration (Config.sys)

The DOS "Config.sys" file includes all devices and setups required for the OS. You may check its content by typing "TYPE CONFIG.SYS" then pressing "Enter" at DOS prompt. Some third party memory resident type device drivers, such as "AFTER DARK", "STACKER/VER.4", "OPWARE 32", and some NETWORK & VIRUS SCAN, etc., that were pre-loaded to a PC's resident memory during initial boot up may conflict with the serial communication software of DynaPulse. Unloading these programs or using the "EDIT" function in DOS to mask out the conflicting device drivers may allow proper operation of DynaPulse communication.

Install, Setup & Check a COM Port

Old PC systems require the installation of an I/O card, which includes one or two Serial, one Printer Port, and a Game Port. One should follow the I/O card installation instruction guide to install the device and set correct jumpers for the COM address (COM1/IRQ4 & COM2/IRQ3). Newer PC systems as well as laptop or notebook PC's normally have built-in I/O ports. When adding an extra I/O card, one should set its COM ports to COM3 and COM4 with an IRQ setting different from 4 and 3. The following are standard procedures to check COM Port settings:


DOS Version 6 supplies a program called "MSD.EXE". Run "MSD.EXE" in the DOS program directory to display the COM port and other device settings.


Select icons: "MAIN"/"CONTROL PANEL"/"PORTS"-SETTINGS". This will allow one to view, select, and change the COM/IRQ settings.


Select icons: "MY COMPUTER"/"CONTROL PANEL"/"SYSTEM"/"DEVICE MANAGER"/"PORTS [COM & LPT]". This will allow one to view the existing ports in the PC system. One should follow WINDOWS-95/98 and PC system User's Guide to install a new device and setup their address correctly without conflicting with each others. Printing out system setup information may help one to identify any potential COM/IRQ conflicts.

Printer Driver and Print a Screen or Text

DynaPulse DOS program includes several of the most commonly used printer drivers. Run "SETUP" in the DynaPulse program to select a suitable printer. Most Laser printers emulate HP Laser printer and most DOT Matrix printer use Epson's format. DynaPulse DOS printer drivers supports over 90% of commonly used printers.

DynaPulse Windows program uses printer drivers provided by Windows. One should select an appropriate printer driver from the Windows program for printing.

DynaPulse program prints "GRAPHS" by Screen Dump, and print "RECORD" and "TABLE" by Text print mode. An adjustment must be made to the background color when printing a colored graph to a black and white printer to prevent black overlap of the foreground information. The "COLOR" selection icon is in the "CONTROL PANEL".

Apple Macintosh PC Computers
Modem or Printer Port as COM port

Due to hardware configurations, DynaPulse software does not support G3 or IMAC systems. Under options menu, in DynaPulse program, make sure that port is correctly identified. Hold "Shift" key down while booting to disable some conflict program drivers. This will reduce any software conflicts.