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 DynaPulse 200M Complete Clinical System

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Measurements Taken
As with all Dynapulse monitors, the 200M measures:

  • Systolic Blood Pressure
  • Mean Arterial Pressure
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure

Reports Generated


The Measurement screen is the display of the results of a blood pressure reading. To the upper right side you will find the measurement results.

Along the lower portion is the Pulse Waveform, which is what you use to detect arrhythmia's and for validation purposes. Once you save the data it will automatically update all the trend information.

Trend Graph
Trend Graph
The Trend Graph is the first screen that appears when you click on a patient's name. This shows the blood pressure readings for that patient over time.

Visually you and your patient can easily see how their blood pressure is doing over time. Time is shown on the horizontal axis and the measurements are on the vertical axis.

Trend Analysis
Trend Analysis
The most important screen is the Trend Analysis. This provides a statistical report based on the Trend Graph. Use the Trend Analysis to document numerically the results of your interventions:

  • How effective is the current medication compared to the older medication?
  • What is the change in blood pressure?

The Trend Analysis includes averages and standard deviations for each measurement parameter. You can segment the data from the Trend Graph to produce reports with different data parameters, such as, the measurements from June and another parameter using July.