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Health Care Providers
DynaPulse Products for Health Care Providers

Physicians utilize either the DynaPulse Pathway, Wireless Bluetooth Pathway, DynaPulse 200M Clinical System or the DynaPulse 5000A ambulatory blood pressure measurement systems. Simply designed and easy-to-use, DynaPulse monitors use an upper-arm cuff to capture arterial pressure waveforms that are displayed and stored on a personal computer.

DynaPulse's patented pattern recognition methodology calculates the systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressures, along with the patient's heart rate. The full disclosure waveform display offers measurement validation and identification of irregular heartbeats and motion artifact. A variety of trend reports, charts and graphs help clinicians track variations in blood pressure and evaluate the effects of exercise, medication and stress.

All DynaPulse monitors enable physicians to upload their patient's blood pressure measurements to the DynaPulse Analysis Center for immediate reporting of hemodynamic profiles.


2013 DynaPulse Clinical Studies Update
Summary of DynaPulse Clinical Studies
Managing Hypertension with Hemodynamic Profiles
DynaPulse Central Aortic Blood Pressure
CT Scan Screening & DynaPulse CV Hemodynamic Profiling
HTN Phenotypes, Augmentation & Ambulatory Hemodynamics
DynaPulse Korotkoff sounds (K1, K4 & K5) equivalent BP
JNC 7 Guidelines with DynaPulse BP

DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC)

The DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC) provides clinicians with non-invasive, on-demand analysis of hemodynamic parameters. Within a minute of uploading a simple upper-arm blood pressure measurement, physicians receive a 16-parameter profile of their patient's hemodynamic status to assist them in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease.
Experience the Power of DynaPulse

Overview of Pulse Dynamic Technology

Our technology overview provides basic information about the history and evolution of blood pressure monitoring and the DynaPulse waveform method of analysis.

Clinical Research Information

Visit our clinical research section to review clinical data about DynaPulse technologies, access research paper abstracts, and learn more about DynaPulse research applications and clients.

Product Support

In our support section you'll find set up information, answers to frequently asked questions, system requirements, measurement tips and warranty information