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DynaPulse Hemodynamic Profiling Services

Today, management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart failure and diabetes, consumes the vast majority of all health care spending. DynaPulse believes that the easily obtained, non-invasive blood pressure and pulse waveform data, collected in the physician's office or in the patient's home, then transmitted to the DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC), via the Internet, for immediate analysis of all hemodynamic profiles/values, can help clinicians improve patient care and drive down health care costs.

Managing hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases with the hemodynamic values, blood pressure, cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance, along with other parameters, including arterial stiffness, LV contractility, etc., all obtained noninvasively and simultaneously from DynaPulse, is now possible and available at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional invasive catheterization approaches. Physicians can review up to 18 hemodynamic values of an individual patient and provide the best treatment and/or anti-hypertension therapy using these parameters. Learn moreā€¦

With the DynaPulse 200M Home BP monitor, patients can obtain blood pressure readings and pulse waveforms from their home. After uploading data to the DAC for hemodynamic profiling, doctors can review the result values and take actions, ensuring the best care for each individual patient. These professional hemodynamic evaluations along with home care for patients suffering with chronic cardiovascular diseases are reimbursable by medical insurance carriers in the US. Contact DAC Services for more information.

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Client / Partner Clinical Focus
Baylor University Hospital Vascular Atherosclerosis
Boehringer Ingelheim Drug Efficacy
Duke University Medical Center Causes of Hypertension including Physiological Precursors and Psychosocial factors
Parke-Davis Drug Efficacy
Sansum Medical Research Foundation Hypertension and Hyperinsulinemia in pregnancy and preeclampsia.
Tulane University-School of Public Health Bogalusa Heart Study Cardiovascular Epidemiology
University of California- Irvine Genetic Risk of Hypertension
University of North Carolina Menopausal effect on Cardiovascular Structure
University of Pittsburgh-School of Public Health Cardiovascular Epidemiology
University of Rochester Medical Center-Strong Memorial Hosp. Cardiovascular disorders in Pregnancy
Wayne State University Detroit Medical Center Salt diet in hypertension
Yale University School of Medicine Hemodialysis
University of California, San Diego Medical Center Validation and Heart Failure Studies


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
Vitebsk State Medical Institute Essential Hypertensives: Arterial Compliance, Metabolic Status, and Psychosocial factors


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
University of La Sapienza Hemodynamics
University of Turin Circadian Rhythms in Compliance and blood pressure
St. Borotolo Hospital Hemodialysis


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
General Hospital of Chios Calcium levels and arterial compliance


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
Academisch Ziekenhuis Vrie Universiteit Compliance and Diabetes


South America
Client / Partner Clinical Focus
University of Carabobo Medical School Calcium and Potassium in Essential Hypertension


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
National Taiwan University Hospital Stroke and Hypertension Prevention
General VAH Hypertension Drugs, CVD
Changhua Christian Hospital Hypertension Hemodynamics
Cheng-Hsing Hospital Heart Health Program


Client / Partner Clinical Focus
PLA General Hospital LV hypertrophyCompliance changes during late pregnancy
Shanghai 2nd Medical University Institute of Hypertension Hypertension Prevention
Beijing Zen-Ming Hospital Hypertension Prevention


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Tokyo Women's Medical University Hypertention Prevention