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DynaPulse Pathway Non-invasive Blood pressure and Hemodynamic Profile Measurement

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DynaPulse Products

DynaPulse offers cost-effective, clinically accurate non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and hemodynamic profiling (optional service) for patients, health care providers, researchers and pharmacists. All DynaPulse monitors are capable of transmitting blood pressure and arterial pressure waveform data to the DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC) for analysis of 16 hemodynamic parameters, plus Korotkoff-sound (auscultatory) equivalent systolic and diastolic readings. To order a monitor with hemodynamic analysis service (professionals only) please select options, "DynaPulse Monitor + DAC (1-year service contract)" listed below. Please visit
DAC Hemodynamic Profiling Service to learn more.

DynaPulse Companion Products

DynaPulse company works with other health monitoring companies to offer products in our continued efforts to provide solutions for improved health care, hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention, along with other health issues. These products have been evaluated and recommended as complementary to DynaPulse technology. Please visit our Companion Store for more information:

DP5000A Ambulatory Monitor

DP5000A Ambulatory Monitor + DAC (1-year service contract)

The DynaPulse 5000A 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor automatically takes and stores repeated measurements during a 24-hour period for later transfer to a PC. Multiple analysis charts provide physicians a 24-hour view of variations in blood pressure.

DP5200A Pathway Monitor

DP5200A Pathway Monitor with Bluetooth®

DP5200A Pathway Monitor + DAC (1-year service contract)

The DynaPulse Pathway System has a unique algorithm that produces very accurate blood pressure measurements, which also tracks unlimited number of patients and their data. A choice of trend reports can be easily printed and allows for easy data transfer to the DynaPulse Analysis Center.

DP5200A Pathway Monitor for Veterinarians (Special Order)

DP200M Clinical Monitor

DP200M Clinical Monitor with Bluetooth®

DP200M Clinical Monitor + DAC (1-year service contract)

The DynaPulse 200M Clinical version, in addition to the clinical accurate blood pressure measurements, tracks an unlimited number of patients and their data. A choice of trend reports can be easily printed.

DP200M Educational Monitor

DP200M Educational Monitor + DAC (1-year service contract)

The DynaPulse 200M Educational version, provides clinical accurate blood pressure measurements, and combines elements of physiology, cardiology, computers, mathematics, and fluid dynamics to transform the learning experience. It comes with a free DynaPulse Educational Curriculum.

DP200M Complete Home System

The DynaPulse 200M Home version blood pressure monitor provides clinically accurate measurements for systolic, mean, and diastolic pressures, and heart rate.

DP-K200 Blood Pressure Monitor

The DP-K200 blood pressure monitor (@ a glance Pulse Dynamics), is an easy to use stand alone blood pressure monitor for your family.