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DynaPulse 5000A (Mini) Ambulatory
Blood Pressure Monitor

Introducing the DynaPulse 5000A (Mini) Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor! See its features, advantages and reimbursement information.

 To purchase the DynaPulse 5000A (Mini)  Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, please  email a  completed order form, or  call (760) 842-8278, Monday through Friday  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time  (USA).


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Price $2,495.00


Measurements Taken
For the researcher, data collected by DynaPulse monitors may be transmitted to the DynaPulse Analysis Center for analysis of up to 18 hemodynamic parameters including:

  • Brachial Arterial Compliance
  • Peripheral Resistance
  • Cardiac Output*
  • Left Ventricular Contractility
  • Stroke Volume

* Study to be published shortly.

Reports Generated
Here are examples of the many statistical reports generated by the DynaPulse software.

Trend Graph Trend Graph

Hourly Time Slice Hourly Time Slice