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  DynaPulse Bluetooth® Pathway System

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The Bluetooth capable DynaPulse DP5200A Pathway monitor works with the original 5200A Pathway blood pressure (BP) measurement software to run on a PC with Windows via USB or Bluetooth communication. In addition, it also allows a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and the DynaPulse app installed (Android based app is free and available for download from Google Play) to measure blood pressure and heart rate.

It is an ideal blood pressure monitoring system, serving as a Blood Pressure Monitoring Hub, for corporate employee health care, fitness club member's care, nursing home and community helathcare, pharmacy patient care, general cardiovascular public health care and BP screening, and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention research programs. DynaPulse non-invasive blood pressure measurement is clinically validated and FDA 510K registered, and cost effective when comparing to a kiosk type BP monitor.

Healthcare professionals, administrators of the DynaPulse BP Monitor Hub, can also measure and record member's BP readings, and when needed, obtain hemodynamic profiles via Internet with DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC) service for advanced cardiovascular evaluation. DAC provides both central and K-sound systolic/diastolic and MAP readings, cardiac function (cardiac output, stroke volume, LV dP/dt Max, contractility, etc.), Systemic vascular compliance and resistance (SVC, SVR), and brachial arterial compliance, distensibility and resistance. DynaPulse hemodynamic profile parameters were clinically validated and FDA 510K registered.

The illustration below demonstrates a Wireless DynaPulse DP5200A Pathway BP Monitor Hub. allowing for connections to not only the DAC, but also user's own proprietory cloud to provide the best and most cost effective care and management of high blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Bluetooth Pathway Hub Scenario