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DynaPulse 5000A (Mini) Ambulatory
Blood Pressure Monitor

Introducing the DynaPulse 5000A (Mini) Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor! See its features, advantages and reimbursement information.

 To purchase the DynaPulse 5000A (Mini)  Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, please  email a  completed order form, or  call (760) 842-8278, Monday through Friday  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time  (USA).


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Price $2,495.00

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The Dynapulse 5000A ambulatory monitor offers researchers and clinicians a clinically accurate, non-invasive method for capturing a 24-hour blood pressure profile of the patient for complete analysis.

Using the DynaPulse 5000A is easy. The technician sets up the monitor's measuring parameters using the computer, places the cuff on the patient and the patient is ready to go. Since cuff placement is easy, when the patient needs to remove it for certain activities, such as bathing, they can easily put it back on.

Once the monitoring period is completed the monitor is returned and the collected data is downloaded to the computer. The technician can then view and validate each measurement using the DynaPulse Analysis software. Comments can be attached to each measurement and all the information is printable or exportable to other applications.


MEASUREMENT METHOD Pulse Dynamic Oscillometric MEASUREMENT RANGE SBP 60-240 mmHg
DBP 30-200 mmHg
MAP 40-240 mmHg
HR 20-200 BPM

ACCURACY Pressure: +/- 5 mmHg vs/ auscultatory method per ANSI/AAMI standards
Transducer +/-1%
INFLATION Micro-rolling pump

DEFLATION Adjustable mechanical needle valve for cuff deflation DEFAULT INFLATION PRESSURE 160 mmHg

24-HOUR AMBULATORY MODE MEASUREMENT INTERVALS 5,10,15,20,30,60,120 minutes. Daytime and nightime intervals are set separately AUTOMATIC MODE PRESET NUMBER OF MEASUREMENTS 2,3,5,10,20,50,100

INTERVAL BETWEEN MEASUREMENTS 2,3,5,10,15,20,30,60,120 minutes MEASUREMENT STORAGE Up to 100 measurements including pressure waveform data

DISPLAY LCD 14x42 mm
2 x 16 Characters
On/Off option (for Auto Mode)
SYSTEM POWER 6V DC with 4 AA standard batteries. Low battery warning on LCD display

MEMORY POWER Lithium backup battery for data storage. Low battery warning on LCD display POWER CONSUMPTION 380-500mA during pumping
10-15 mA while idle

PATIENT SAFETY 2 hardware and 2 software controls SOUND LEVEL 40-50 dB (A) at 60 cm (24in) distance

OPERATING TEMP. RANGE 5-40 degrees C (41-104 degrees F) DIMENSIONS 3.4(W)x5.1(L)x1.6(H) in

WEIGHT 13 oz with batteries, 10 oz without batteries