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  DynaPulse Bluetooth® Pathway System

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Price $1,495.00  (US MSP)

Manual & Guide
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System Components

Each DynaPulse Pathway System package is complete with:

  • DynaPulse Bluetooth Capable Pathway monitor
  • DynaPulse Pathway software on CD
  • USB Communication Cable
  • Large, Standard, and Small adult blood pressure cuffs without D-bar
  • DynaPulse Pathway User's Guide
  • AC power cord
  • One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

All DynaPulse monitors have an adjustable air release valve that allows the user to set the appropriate release rate of 30 +/- 5 seconds from start to finish of a measurement. Total measurement time of longer than 50 seconds may give higher systolic readings and/or "Increase High Range" error message due to the cuff pressure not being able to drop down below the diastolic point.

It is NOT recommended to use any DynaPulse device on infants or newborns.

DynaPulse Pathway uses a single tube flat cuff and D-ring cuffs are available for easier self application.