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DynaPulse Pathway Non-invasive Blood pressure and Hemodynamic Profile Measurement

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Company Information
Mission, Products & Vision

Mission: Patented non-invasive technologies for blood pressure measurement and Internet-powered hemodynamic analysis at the point of care.

Products: Easy-to-use blood pressure monitors and arterial pressure waveform analysis services for clinical, home, research and disease management applications.

Vision: A worldwide, Internet-based, cardiovascular disease management network linking patients in their homes to their physicians and caregivers.

Key Objectives
  • Seamless Internet access to our hemodynamic data analysis services for clinicians worldwide.
  • Widespread application in the home and clinical setting of our non invasive pulse dynamic measurement and data transmission systems.
  • Dissemination of new knowledge about how hemodynamic monitoring in the patient's home can enhance physicians' ability to monitor and care for the chronically ill.
  • Partnerships with those who share our interest in finding a solution to hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases.