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DynaPulse online non-invasive hemodynamic profiling, provided by the DynaPulse Analysis Center (DAC), is an easy to use, cost effective service offering essential clinical values to various groupís health care, disease prevention and screening needs. Some situations include:

  • Companies and their employee health and prevention programs
  • Hospitals or HMOs and their patient care and education programs
  • Pharmacies and their customer's care
  • Health Clubs and their member's health and fitness assessment programs
  • Communities and their citizen's health and preventative care
  • Public healthcare provided to those living in rural areas

DAC Partners, once approved, can apply and integrate the DynaPulse online non-invasive hemodynamic profiling to their own health care programs, further advancing the care provided to the larger populations. DynaPulse hemodynamic monitoring systems can be used in various settings, inluding clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and the home, all with the use of an Internet ready computer.

DynaPulse technology is a computer and Internet based blood pressure, pulse waveform and hemodynamic monitoring and recording system, which can easily be incorporated with existing healthcare programs, or allow DAC Partners to initiate new programs or business models. Please contact us for detailed information.

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