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DynaPulse ® A Pulse Metric Product
Innovation for a Healthier World

The Essential Clinical Application of Pulse Dynamics for Detection, Management and Prevention of Hypertension

Physicist Shiu-Shin Chio, PhD, inventor of the Pulse Dynamics method measuring hemodynamic parameters non-invasively through the use of a simple blood pressure cuff, and founder of Pulse Metric, Inc., has further developed the DynaPulse product and supported hundreds of clinical studies in the US and worldwide, since 1990. His goal remains, to make DynaPulse the clinical tool for physicians, ensuring better detection and diagnoses of hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, heart and kidney problems. He continues to follow his vision of improved patient care with affordable advanced technologies. His DynaPulse team continues the research and development of Pulse Dynamics technology and its clinical applications for managing hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Just as the electrocardiogram (ECG) provides a non-invasive analysis of the heart's electrical system, the DynaPulse® Analysis Center (DAC), an Internet-based noninvasive hemodynamic profiler, offers physicians a simple-to-capture snapshot of the heart's mechanical function and the dynamics of blood pressure and flow within a patient’s cardiovascular system. The ability to non-invasively evaluate functions including the strength of each cardiac contraction, the volume of blood ejected per minute (cardiac output) and the volume per beat, the level of vascular resistance, and the degree of vessel elasticity, etc., results in a powerful non-invasive tool for evaluating and monitoring cardiac and vascular functions. Knowing these individual measurements and how they change over time can help clinicians evaluate patients' cardiovascular status and their response to drug therapies. Until now, hemodynamic assessments such as these were available only using expensive equipment usually found in hospital's cardiac care units or through risky invasive procedures.


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On-Demand, Hemodynamic Assessment at
the Point of Care

The simplicity of DynaPulse® monitors, coupled with the power of the Internet, provides physicians with a direct link to their chronically ill patients, at home, via the web-based DynaPulse health-monitoring network. They can then view hemodynamic assessment reports over the Internet, resulting in regular, accurate and secure monitoring of the patient’s cardiovascular status without the costs of frequent visits to the clinic. DynaPulse® monitoring systems have special value for heart failure patients, in that nurses and physicians are able to more quickly respond and intervene to the early signs of deteriorating heart function, providing the essential care needed, lowing the risks and preventing costly emergency hospital visits.

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