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DynaPulse Pathway Non-invasive Blood pressure and Hemodynamic Profile Measurement

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DynaPulse Hemodynamic Profiling Services

Free DAC Trial Program :
If you own a DynaPulse non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and recording system, model 200M, 5000A or 5200A/Pathway, have an Internet connection, and live in the US, you are qualified to receive a DAC trial upload and hemodynamic profile report free of charge. This free DAC trial program is a one time offer for any registered DynaPulse owner only. Please contact us with your DynaPulse model number and a request for a free DAC trial during this promotion. Upon approval, we will send you a DAC login, along with instructions on recording your DynaPulse blood pressure and waveform, weight/height, etc. and data uploading to the DAC for hemodynamic analysis. After a successful DAC upload & analysis, your DynaPulse hemodynamic profile report will be sent to you via e-mail or fax.

DAC Trial Instructions

Please call, fax or e-mail us for the program details.

Tel: (760) 842-8278 or (760) 842-8224
Please call during office hours:
9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time.


Fax: (760) 758-9425

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