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Calibration Service Instructions

Before you send your unit to us, you will need an RMA (return authorized number). Please call (442)944-7870 or email to and we will issue you one. Please send your monitor along with a note indicating the sender�s name, day time phone number, email address (if available), and a detailed address for return shipment, to the following address:

Pulse Metric, Inc.
2100 Hawley Drive
Vista, CA 92084

If you prefer to make payment without our website, please send a check (payable to Pulse Metric, Inc.) or your credit card number and expiration, along with you monitor. In addition to the calibration cost, please include $12.00 for return shipment.

If a need for replacement of accessories or components is found during the calibration of your monitor, we will contact you before performing any service.

Also, your monitor should be shipped with traceability and insurance. We are not responsible for any loss/damage in transit.