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  DP-K200 Blood Pressure Monitor

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High blood pressure or hypertension runs in the family.
It is a major risk factor of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) including stroke, heart attack and diabetes. The cause of high blood pressure is complicated, even today, about 80% of so called essential hypertension, still has unknown causes. Most recent medical studies have shown that routine frequent home monitoring and recording of blood pressures, their variations from time-to-time and even over periods of 24 hours (as ambulatory blood pressure monitor can do), and the complication of blood pressure measurement associated with irregular heart beats, etc. information can help doctors to manage patient's hypertension and to prevent or reduce the risk of developing CVD. For people who have no access to a personal computer or just need a easy-to-use comprehensive BPM for monitoring blood pressure at home, the DP-K200 (@ a glance Pulse Dynamics) was designed with all above clinical considerations in mind. Its graphic display of waveform, blood pressure variation and trending, etc. is an ultimate solution for managing hypertension.